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What is 911 Freelance?

911 Freelance offers web development services with a focus on Wix Studio solutions.

Are you a Wix Studio Web Design "Agency"?

Not at all.  I'm an independent developer & Wix Freelancer, and '911 Freelance' is my business name. I will never out source any of my work or hire other developers to work under this name.

Do you use templates for your Wix website designs?

Only upon request. I have fully custom templates that I created and will use when appropriate. Otherwise, I will create your website from a blank canvas. 

Do you provide web development services for platforms other than Wix?

Yep! I work with all platforms, like Shopify, WordPress and others. If you're looking for services for any platform that is NOT Wix Studio, you're welcome to contact me via Chat, or by visiting the Contact page.

Can you develop custom functionalities for my website using Velo by Wix (formerly Corvid)?

Yes. I provide custom apps and functions for my clients all the time using Velo code. Most of the websites I build on Wix use Velo code and API's in some way.

Can I contact you after you've finished building my new Wix Studio website?

Absolutely! I offer after sales service plans for my clients to manage and maintain their stores. If you need someone to take care of mundane tasks like product & order management and chat support for your customers, or have continuous work done on the site, I'm available.

Can you help integrate an AI chat bot on my Wix Studio Website?

Yes. I have been staying on top of the AI trend in order to provide my clients with the most up to date AI solutions for their business. 

Can you help me upgrade my site from Editor X to the Wix Studio platform?

I will take care of the whole process for you without any downtime to your site.

Are you available on Holidays?

I am available 24/7 365. You can read more about special processes I have implemented to ensure the highest uptime percentage and minimizing downtime as much as possible by clicking here

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